5 Reasons why you SHOULD AVOID your Small and Big dreams.

  • writing that book.
  • taking a class: on cooking, dancing, economics, carpentry, self-employment, yoga
  • doing some work with that Alex Baisley fellow. ;)
  • starting your own business, or revolutionizing the one you have.
  • trying your hand at art, poetry, learning an instrument, a language.
  • doing a camping trip with your family, or going abroad.
  • turning that spare room into your craft / scrapbooking / meditation / yoga room.
  • 5 non-obvious and ultra-important reasons why you should start a small dream. Now. Like yesterday. Or at least this week.
  • And why not to.

Reason #1:

Reason #2:

Reason #3:

Reason #4:

Reason #5: The BIGGEST hidden Reason there is.

Between us all, I think we already have more than enough dreams ready-to-go inside us that will solve the problems we face in our world.

But I had no idea what ELSE was going to happen.

I don’t know if you want my advice right now, but if you do, it would be this:

Follow the messages from your heart. Start a small dream. Entertain a big one. To nourish everything that’s inside you — because you’re important, and as the biggest gift you could give the rest of us living on this small beautiful planet with you.



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