Confessions of a Life Coach

I posted something on Facebook awhile back. Something I really wanted to say after so many years of doing what I do with folks in the Big Dream Program.

Since the post, I have had a shocking number of folks reach out, or come up and talk to me around town, about it. It seems to have struck a chord for an interesting variety of reasons. All of which I’m so heart-pleased about.

I’m sharing it below in case something in it also resonates with you :) If so, by all means drop me a line. I’d love to hear your take on anything this brings up for you.

Confessions from a life-coach:

I am not a ‘wtf am I doing with my life?!’ and Big Dreams mentor because I have life figured out.

I don’t. No one does.

(please — my personal suggestion — run quickly away from those who submit that they DO have life, or business, wellbeing-health, or relationships, or any such thing completely figured out. It’s like saying they have art figured out. I do not ever want to learn art from someone who says they have it figured out. Rather — show me ways to figure out my own art.)

Or because I’m perfect. I’m far from it. My family and friends who know me best would no doubt set you straight on that if you happened to ask them.

I’m a life-direction coach because I have crazy-badass questions that have taken me nearly 20 years of working with clients to collect.

Questions that most folks don’t walk out the other end of feeling as lost as when they went into them.

And though I have a great many weaknesses, plenty of them, I have one other thing, which makes a difference…

I’m the best listener I know, and I can almost always find ‘the spot’ for folks, energy-wise, that can help them unlock what they most want to experience next in their lives.

Bottom line is:

If you’re ever looking for help figuring stuff out… and are considering hiring a mentor of some variety, my take on things is:

You have the answers you’re looking for — as elusive as they may be. I almost guarantee it.

Instead of spending another six months looking for the answers, consider looking for fantastic questions, and the right social environment, that will help you get to the bottom of them.

You will find your way!

Big hug,

Commercial diver turned Reiki Master then founder of the Big Dream Program: I’m here:

Commercial diver turned Reiki Master then founder of the Big Dream Program: I’m here: