Confessions of a Life Coach

Alex Baisley
3 min readMar 4, 2018

Hiya friend,

I am not a life coach with my Big Dream Program because I have life figured out.

I don’t.

And more to the point: No one does.

The self-help world is surely replete enough with folks who will tell you they know exactly what you should do. They don’t. They can’t.

There’s never been anyone like you, or me.

My personal suggestion: run swiftly away from folks who tell you they DO have life, business, wellbeing, health, finances, relationships, or any such monumentally-personal or nuanced thing figured out. They have a perspective. A point of view.

It’s like saying they have art figured out. I do not ever want to learn art from someone who says they have art figured out. Techniques, tools, ideas, strategies — brilliant. But beyond that, help me see ways to figure out my own art.)

Nor am I a life-coach because I’m remotely perfect— I’m far from it. Alas, despite my best efforts, my family and friends who know me best would undoubtedly set you straight on that if you happened to ask them. (I’d prefer you didn’t, but if you have to… fair warning.)

I’m a life-direction coach because I have interesting questions that have taken me nearly 20 years of working with clients, and in my own life before that, to collect.

Questions that most folks don’t walk out the other end of feeling as lost as when they went into them, same as happened for me.

And though I have a great many weaknesses, plenty of them — which I’m for the most part pretty open about — I have a strength or two (thankfully), which makes a difference…

I’m a good listener and question-asker, and I can often find ‘the spot’ for folks, energy-wise, that can help them unlock what they most want to experience next in their lives.

And I have a lot of close colleagues, friends, and clients who also have these same strengths: therapists, coaches, naturopathic doctors, mentors and consultants, healers…

Bottom line is:

If you’re looking for help figuring stuff out… and are considering a program or hiring a mentor of some variety…

My personal take on this is:

Be cautious with advice. Including mine.

You have the answers you’re looking for inside you already— as covered up as they may be. I almost guarantee it. You have better answers than anyone else’s.

A helpful way to uncover them, from my experience, is with the combination of dandy questions, and some good active-listening from the right person.

And less-so advice.

Takeaway: Instead of spending the next six months looking for answers, consider looking for fantastic questions you can answer yourself, or the right social environment to do so with others, that will help you get to the bottom of them.

You will find your way!

Big hug,



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