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This is one of the PRIMARY — and shockingly counter-intuitive — lessons I have learned that makes the BIGGEST difference for most of my clients. Folks who are trying to turn their too-many interests, deep care for the world and issues in it, and personal considerations like family or big dreams (like travel), into their big new work idea for the future. That thing they can be known for. ie — WTH am I doing with my life?!

Personally, my own work in the world, the Big Dream Program is the direct result of this same lesson.

NINJATIP#1: Don’t Choose. Instead — be an Experience Designer using ALL of your interests and skills.

If you’ve been trying to figure out what the heck to do with your work (and life), but you’ve got a pile of interests, maybe qualifications, and you just can’t figure out which one to go all in with…

  1. Maybe you’re interested, for example, in things like music, yoga, nutrition, outdoors, poetry, law, building, permaculture, financial advising, or whatever you like to spend your days at.
  2. You know that what you’re doing NOW isn’t quite what you should be doing with your life, not what you really WANT to be doing with your life, but…
  3. how the f*** can you choose between the things you are passionate about to create your new work life?

My suggestion: Don’t.

For your, and the world’s, sake… Don’t try to choose between your important things. At least before hearing me out.

There may be a VERY IMPORTANT reason you haven’t been able to choose. And it might be this: The world might in fact need and prefer you ‘complete — as you are’. Putting your interests and qualifications and experience TOGETHER may be the un-locking solution for you.

As in the FBLive video below, you may be the exact kind of person who’s the perfect fit to be an Experience Designer. Something the world is hungry for, and perhaps so are you.

Just in the last 2 weeks I’ve seen a brand new client go from knowing her current job is not what she’s meant to be doing with her life but very unclear what it is she should be doing instead, to… one week later…

Having a VERY clear idea what she should be doing and in fact now has a workshop offering her ‘new thing’ planned for February. All this in 1 week. And it’s because of this lesson:

I call it The Art of Interest Blending. Don’t try to choose between your interests. Instead… see what it might look like if you BLEND THEM TOGETHER.

If you’re intrigued by this, then let’s get to work here. Carpe Diem. You can begin to figure this out now. Start with the video, and then have your journal and a good tasty hot beverage ready. You’ll want to brainstorm almost for sure, and I’ll eat my hat if you don’t come up with some exciting ideas. (I hope not to have to eat my hat so pay close attention to the lesson ;))

I give 3 clear examples in this video — including how a woman with interests in yoga, nutrition, wilderness, outdoors, wild edibles, camping, canoeing can put them all together to become: The Wilderness Yoga Connection.

You can TOTALLY do this.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This video is from a Facebook Live. And it has some glitchiness like so many live things do at the beginning. If you are willing to muscle through those, the lesson becomes clear quickly :)

Click here to watch the video :)

“If you think that an inability to choose makes you ‘broken’ — like there’s something wrong with you… I, and a lot of my clients, used to feel that too. And my suggestion is: it’s because you’re a certain kind of person that the world needs. And choosing would be the least effective approach right now. There’s another way for a person like you. And it’s this: Don’t try to be a ‘thing’, be an experience designer.”

Big hug,




Commercial diver turned Reiki Master then founder of the Big Dream Program: I’m here: https://goo.gl/ckoiRC

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Alex Baisley

Alex Baisley

Commercial diver turned Reiki Master then founder of the Big Dream Program: I’m here: https://goo.gl/ckoiRC

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